The below IT resources were developed to help answer your questions. Thank you for all you do to serve our policyholders, agents and your colleagues. 


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Our goal is to provide you with the resources you need to help make it easier to work from home. If there are other items that would be beneficial, please reach out to your manager. 

IT Customer Service contact information PDF |  Word

Enroll in Duo Security MfA for Smartphone/Mobile phone (Android and iOS)  PDF |  Word

Enroll in Duo Security MfA for Tablet  PDF |  Word

Enroll in Duo Security MfA for Landline/non-smartphone  PDF |  Word

iPhone and Android conference call instructions  PDF |  Word

Procedure for closing applications  PDF |  Word

Changing your password  PDF |  Word

How to print to PDF  PDFWord

Instructions for setting up your computer   PDFWord

Steps to configure phone on PC   PDF  |  Word

Instructions for accessing your work voicemail from your personal cell   PDF  |  Word

Accessing OnBase through Citrix   PDF  |  Word

WebEx - Setup and How to use   PDF  |  Word

Update Citrix Gateway Plugin from version 12 to version 13  PDF  |  Word