Important Announcement

Due to recent flooding in Illinois, the Illinois Department of Insurance has issued a bulletin to provide safeguards for consumers impacted by the disaster. We want to make sure you're aware of the bulletin, which is located here:

NGL has taken the following measures in adherence to the bulletin:

Grace periods will be extended. If you are unable to make a premium payment because of this disaster, please call as soon as possible at 800-988-0826 so we can help you keep your policy active.

If you need claim payments sent to an alternate address, or have any other claim related questions, please call: 800-988-0826. 

Please follow the link to see how this may affect your policy:

Thank you!

What we do

What We Do

NGL focuses on three types of insurance including preneed, senior life (final expense) and group benefits. In addition, NGL has written many other kinds of insurance policies through the years that we continue to service today.

For more questions on Student Insurance, please contact us at: 800-756-3702 or