Our passion is people and supporting them with our product offerings, as well as providing support in other ways if they are in need. Doing it alone isn’t our way. We are inclusive, communicate openly and count on each other.

Support of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our culture is built on respect, integrity and support of people.We are driven to ensure equity and inclusion.

At NGL, we value diversity of thought, background and beliefs. We also believe it is our obligation and duty to ensure that all employees feel a sense of belonging, respect, and equitable treatment in the expression of their thoughts and beliefs. More specifically, we believe in creating an environment free of racism, discrimination, and intolerance. Lastly, we believe that our employees should feel a sense of inclusion that fosters respect and equal opportunities that permeates the organization so every single employee feels comfortable bringing their entire self to work.

To promote our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) effort, we formed a DEI Core Team who will focus on activities and actions related to DEI within NGL and the broader communities within which we live. In addition, we formed a DEI Advisory Group who will serve as a sounding board for input, feedback and ideas to further the work of NGL in these very important areas.

Our goal is that current and potential employees view NGL as a place where they truly can be themselves and a place where everyone is valued and respected.


Employee Giving and Volunteerism

Our generous employees give their time and their money to support causes that are most important to them. Because we appreciate their thoughtful act of giving back, we offer eight work hours per year of paid time for employees to volunteer at a nonprofit of their choice. 

Corporate Giving

We offer financial support to many organizations. We are honored to give back and address areas of need in the community. Our giving is focused on basic needs, and health and human services. We will also support educational and environmental initiatives.

Please go to our Newsroom for additional details on NGL's donations and activities in the community.