• Joe Celentano

    President & Chief Executive Officer


    Joseph Celentano is President & CEO of NGL and is a member of the Board of Trustees. Celentano joined NGL in 2024 with more than 30 years’ experience in leadership positions at a mutual insurer. He held a variety of positions ranging from retirement solutions and product development to Divisional Chief Financial Officer to Enterprise Chief Risk Officer, as well as involvement in digital transformation efforts and setting overall company strategy.


  • Kimberly Shaul

    Executive Vice President,
    Chief Legal Officer


    Kimberly Shaul, JD has 30 years of legal and insurance experience and joined NGL in 2014. She is responsible for leading and directing all legal matters relating to NGL and its subsidiaries and has provided legal expertise on a variety of insurance regulatory and compliance issues. Prior to her role at NGL, she served in both legal and business leadership roles for several insurance companies and for the State of Wisconsin. 

  • Jeremy Ragsdale

    Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer


    Jeremy Ragsdale joined NGL in 2020 and has more than 25 years of leadership expertise encompassing all aspects of a life insurance company, including advance markets, distribution, executive leadership, IT, marketing, new business, operations, product, project and risk. His role brings the Marketing, Strategic Partner Development, Sales and Business Development, and Product teams together to strengthen and grow our business.

  • Jessica Grann

    Senior Vice President, Chief Culture and Communications Officer


    Jessica Grann joined NGL in 2004 and has led the marketing communications team encompassing strategic planning, marketing, creative design, media planning and purchasing, direct marketing, public relations, and sales promotions. She focuses on all aspects of the NGL brand as she advances culture through human resources, talent development and corporate communications.

  • Patrick Juarez

    Senior Vice President, Chief Business Development Officer


    Patrick Juarez joined NGL in 2015 with more than 20 years in the insurance industry. He is responsible for managing marketing and sales strategies for NGL’s product lines, including individual and group products for limited benefit medical, dental and vision.




  • Marita LaChapell

    Senior Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer


    Marita LaChapell, CPA.PFS, CLTC, CKA has more than 30 years of experience designing and implementing enterprise systems, compensation strategies, and driving organizational change through continuous improvement. She oversees and manages all aspects of the Risk, Audit, Policy Accounting, Reinsurance and Tax departments.


  • Brian Saperstein

    Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer


    Brian Saperstein joined NGL in 2023 and manages the evolution of IT capability growth, with a focus on strategic alignment. Saperstein is an accomplished senior leader with more than 20 years of experience in the technology and insurance industries at organizations including Sapiens, Sammons Financial Group and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. 




  • Nancy Stoddard

    Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer


    Nancy Stoddard, FSA, MAAA, oversees the information technology and service operations teams. She joined NGL in 2018 with 40 years of experience in the insurance industry in various roles including leading Actuarial, Finance and Operations. Stoddard is focused on driving operational efficiencies and collaborating on strategic initiatives that provided excellent customer service for both internal and external customer needs.

  • Cameron Black

    Vice President, Sales and Business Development


    Cameron Black focuses on developing and nurturing Preneed partnerships with NGL’s marketing organizations, independent agents and agencies. Black has more than 15 years of experience in the insurance industry managing sales for top funeral homes.


  • James Boll

    Vice President, Deputy General Counsel and Deputy Corporate Secretary


    James Boll has 30 years of legal experience, including litigation and corporate, as well as insurance operations and regulation. He joins NGL’s leadership team and manages corporate legal operations.


  • Jennifer Kaset

    Vice President, Sales and Business Development


    Jennifer Kaset focuses on developing and nurturing Preneed partnerships with NGL’s marketing organizations, independent agents and agencies. Kaset has nearly 20 years of experience in the insurance industry.



  • Scott Michels

    Vice President and Appointed Actuary


    Scott Michels joined NGL in 2020 and has 23 years of experience in the financial services industry, primarily as an actuary. He is focused on directing and managing the valuation area of the actuarial financial reporting team. Additionally, he serves as the Appointed Actuary and is responsible for reserve adequacy, asset/liability analysis, valuation, forecasting and other various actuarial related matters.


  • Michelle Niemec

    Vice President, Controller


    Michelle Niemec joined NGL in 2021 and was instrumental in determining the accounting treatment for the sale of various blocks of business, as well as managing the relationship with NGL’s external auditors. She is a CPA with a background in public and technical accounting, as well as private equity and strategic transition support. Niemec oversees accounting operations, financial reporting, accounting policy, expense analysis and financial planning functions.

  • Jerie Olson

    Vice President, Operations


    Jerie Olson joined NGL in 1999 and throughout her tenure has worked with a variety of areas supporting our partners and policyholders. She leads the operations area and end-to-end processes to align with corporate strategies and provide exceptional customer service. She draws on her background in legal and compliance to manage NGL’s operational and workforce risks.



  • Judy Olson

    Vice President, Sales and Business Development


    Judy Olson focuses on developing and nurturing Preneed partnerships with NGL’s marketing organizations, independent agents and agencies. Olson joined NGL in 2008 and uses her background in marketing and sales to support partners.


  • Kenn Peterson

    Vice President, Business and Lending Development


    Kenn Peterson is a leader in the Preneed insurance industry with 36 years of experience helping companies grow their revenue. He is developing a consultative business model, establishing NGL’s lending program and assisting the sales team in achieving company objectives.

  • David Puckett

    Vice President, Investment Services


    David Puckett joined NGL in 2020 and has 28 years of experience managing insurance company assets. He works closely with NGL's Chief Investment Officer in managing the investment portfolios and external manager relationships, as well as providing support for various NGL strategic initiatives.

  • Andrea Rouleau

    Vice President, Actuary


    Andrea Rouleau joined NGL in 2011 and has nearly 18 years of insurance experience that includes pricing, product development, in force management, sales, distribution and marketing in a variety of life, annuity, and health products. She oversees all new product pricing, product development, and in force management.