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Roberta’s House receives $10,000 donation from Premier Preneed Marketing and National Guardian Life Insurance Company

Roberta’s House, a grief support center based in Baltimore, Md received a $10,000 donation from Premier Preneed Marketing and National Guardian Life Insurance Company (NGL). The donation was presented during the Professional Women’s Conference Reconnect: Women Making Waves event during the National Funeral Directors Association International Conference & Expo on Sunday, October 9.

“We had the wonderful opportunity to learn about Roberta’s House and meet its President and Co-Founder, Annette March-Grier, earlier this year at the National Funeral Directors Association Professional Women’s Conference in Miami. We were so inspired by the organization’s dedication to supporting families and dealing with grief that we wanted to provide a donation to support them in their continued efforts,” said Jessica Grann, Senior Vice President, Chief Culture and Communications Officer at NGL.

“The March Family and Roberta's House are grateful to NGL for the thoughtful donation and their generosity at the NFDA Convention in Baltimore. The funds will provide free services to children and their families attending the "Families Healing Together" Program. A ten-week program that provides meals, art supplies, journals, counseling, and educational materials to help families in their grief journey,” shared March-Grier. 

Annette March-Grier and her family have been pillars of the Baltimore community for over 65 years with community outreach and support being two values behind its success since its founders, William C. & Julia Roberta March began in 1957. The March Funeral Home began bereavement support programs in 1982 when hospices introduced bereavement aftercare as a goodwill educational outreach for funeral homes. 

March Funeral Homes, one of the largest firms serving an urban African American population, created a plan to address their clients' undeniable grief and traumatic losses daily. Many deaths were due to violence, poor health, accidents and overdoses. The March Family felt a corporate and community responsibility to make a difference by establishing a bereavement program named "A Time of Sharing." They made it known that their business was more than a business but also a ministry for serving.

With the support of her siblings, Annette March-Grier, RN and mortician, took leadership in facilitating adult bereavement programs around the city. There were no grief support programs or counseling for children and teens. After 30 years of facilitating bereavement programs in the community, her dream to one day establish a full-service bereavement center for all ages became a reality.

In 2007, Roberta's House, a family grief support center, was named after their matriarch, Julia "Roberta" March, and was established to serve children and adults of all ages. Over 3,000 children and adults annually are provided services free. In 2021, the March Family and the Board of Directors spearheaded a capital campaign to construct a 22,000 square ft, $14 million center on the original site of the William C. March Funeral Home.

Kenneth Floyd, Vice President of Preneed-Specialty Markets at Premier Preneed Marketing, an Integrity Marketing company has known the March family and has had a professional relationship with March Funeral Homes for more than thirty years. “I believe that giving is about more than making a donation. It’s about making a difference and that is what the March family is known for,” said Floyd.  

“The value of such service is more than admirable. It's also spiritually rewarding as we touch lives and heal broken hearts,” March-Grier shared. “Through the free programs, including a camp for youth, lives are transformed, pain is diminished, and hope is renewed.”

“Grief is such a deeply personal issue that is different for each person who is experiencing it. Utilizing a grief support program allows the individual to grieve and create a connection with others on the same path as they share memories of their loved ones and learn how to live without them in their lives,” said Jennifer Kaset, Regional Vice President, Sales at NGL. “NGL is one of the largest preneed insurance carriers in the funeral industry and we understand how a loved one’s death creates a ripple effect. We are honored to provide support to families during some of their most difficult moments.”

“Hundreds of our volunteers have come from one or more of our grief support programs. There is no more excellent service than to give another hope to live and reinvest in one another. We are supporting a community in its journey of healing," said March-Grier.   

“Annette is an inspiration, driving the need to support families on their grief journey. Her commitment to the funeral profession and the community is important to everyone we support and serve. Annette and the team of volunteers at Roberta’s House are truly remarkable,” shared Kaset.

March Family of funeral services has seven funeral home locations in Maryland, D.C, and Virginia and a 150-acre cemetery in Baltimore County. Roberta’s House has served over 7,000 children and adults. The Center includes art activity rooms, library resource center, theatre, fitness room, game room and family counseling rooms. Through its 15+ grief support programs, Roberta’s House serves an average of 3,000 families each year.

Pictured left to right: Lola March (Vice President, March Funeral Homes), Erich March (Vice President March Funeral Homes & President King Memorial Park), Jennifer Kaset (NGL Regional Vice President, Sales), Jeremy Ragsdale (NGL Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer), Cynthia March Malloy, (Vice President March Funeral Homes, VA) W. Nathan Malloy Jr., Esq. (Vice President & General Council, March Funeral Homes), Annette March-Grier (President & Co-Founder of Roberta’s House, Vice President March Funeral Homes), Arthur D. Grier (Vice President, Maryland Service & Leasing Inc.), Kenneth Floyd (Vice President-Preneed Specialty Markets at Premier Preneed Marketing), Victor C. March Sr. (President & CEO, March Funeral Homes & Subsidiaries) William M. March (March Family), Victor C. March Jr. (Vice President & Director of IT, March Funeral Homes), Carmalita March Harris (Vice President & General Manager of Marshall-March Funeral Homes).



About Roberta’s House Inc.: Roberta’s House Inc., was established from the existing bereavement program created by the March Family’s Funeral Service. Its comprehensive bereavement support program was designed to heal the “hearts and minds” of children, adults, and families by tending to their emotional, physical and spiritual needs. Roberta’s House offer free programs and services to school-age children, teens, and their families. The counseling programs are designed to restore children and their adult family members to a place of wholeness and provide support through the grieving process. Information about Roberta’s House is available at: https://robertashouse.org/

About Premier Preneed Marketing:  Premier Preneed Marketing has been providing support, training, and leading life insurance solutions to funeral homes throughout the country for more than fifty years.  The company connects funeral homes with multiple carriers from which to choose and offers single pay, multi-pay, and preneed annuity options as well as standard and guarantee issue plans. More information is available at www.premierpreneed.com.

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