More and more people are making the decision to prefund their funeral arrangements. Prefunding is setting aside funds today, at today's prices, so you can be certain the money will be there to pay for your services in the future. Funeral costs, like many other valuable services, increase over time and are expected to continue to increase significantly over the next decade. In fact, funeral related expenses have nearly tripled over the past 25 years.


There are a number of benefits to prefunding your funeral:

  • Funeral services may be carried out at little or no additional cost to your family
  • Funds are immediately available to pay funeral costs, with no waiting period due to probate or other delays
  • Flexible payment options are available to meet your needs today
  • You may be eligible for full benefits even before all your payments are made
  • The benefit amount grows over time to help offset inflation and that growth is not taxable to you

The Rising Cost of Funerals

*Source: 2010 NFDA General Price List Survey

Future Funeral Costs

Considering the average costs over the past 40 years and projecting out at 5% inflation per year, by 2030 the cost would be $18,276.*

*Does not include any cemetery costs.

Average Funeral Costs

The list below represents the most commonly selected services and merchandise according to the National Funeral Directors' Association 2009 study. These numbers do not include cemetery, monument/marker costs or miscellaneous charges, such as for flowers or obituaries.


Item Price*
Non-declinable basic services fee $1,817
Removal/transfer of remains to funeral home $250
Embalming $628
Other preparation of the body $200
Use of facilities/staff for viewing $395
Use of facilities/staff for funeral ceremony $450
Use of a hearse $275
Use of a service car/van $125
Basic memorial printed package $125
Vault $1,195
Metal Casket $2,295
Total Cost of a Funeral $7,755

Additional Cemetery Costs
(Grave space, monument, service charges)
*Cemetery costs vary by location and can range anywhere from $500 - $20,000 or more.

*Cost of an Average Funeral/

Total Cost of Typical Burial and Funeral Services $9,500+