Preplanning your funeral is easier than you might think. Listed below are the steps involved in the preplanning process.

  1. Gather Your Personal Information
    Before you begin to plan, it's important for you to consider how you want your life to be remembered. To help you with this process, NGL offers a free Answer Book for Funerals. This thought-provoking guide allows you and your family to record how you would like your life to be remembered and celebrated.
  2. Make Arrangements
    You can meet with a planning professional who will explain the various options available.
  3. Prefund Your Funeral
    Lastly you will review prefunding payment options. Funeral expenses, like many other valuable services, increase over time. By prefunding at today's prices, you can be assured that the money will be there to cover future funeral costs.

In three easy steps you will be amazed at the peace of mind you will gain by going through this process.  Your family will appreciate your thoughtfulness to preplan and prefund for your end-of-life celebration.



Let NGL Answer Your Funeral Questions

Sometimes it is difficult to know exactly where to start in the funeral planning process.  That's exactly why we designed the Funeral Answer Book.  It walks you through questions such as:

  • What are my funeral options?
  • How do I select a funeral director or funeral home?
  • What goods and services should I consider?
  • How much is it all going to cost?

The Answer Book also includes a write-in section for you to store your choices all in one place.

Funeral Answer Book (PDF)

Request Information

To request more information click here or contact an NGL representative at 800.548.2962 who will be happy to answer any questions you have.