Brand Identity

There are three pillars of NGL's brand identity:

  • Financial strength and stability
  • Partnership mentality
  • Excellent customer service

The NGL Logo

Developed in 1965, our distinctive logo is more than just an image - it is an icon of our company's ideals.

Three inner leaves, each of equal size and importance, represent our key stakeholders: our policyholders, marketing partners, the company itself and its agents. Supported by a stem representing our areas of focus, these three audiences are truly at the heart of everything we do.

Surrounding our core audience is a protective, seed-like shell, embodying new ideas and responsible business practices which shelter our customers and partners.

Together, these elements combine to make a logo we refer to as "The Tree of Life," representing a protected, growing and vital company to be continuously nourished and developed.

The NGL Tagline: It's about people.

NGL believes strongly that, in our business, "It's about people."

Since 1910, we have embodied this ideal in all that we do. NGL has a long and proud history of service, commitment, and focus on people.

Our commitment to people is apparent in the high-quality products and services we offer to policyholders, marketing partners and agents. It is also evident in the community programs that NGL and our employees support, through giving of their time and money. Our pledge to people is evident in everything we do.