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At NGL, we believe in flexible, innovative product solutions. We developed a variety of product options to meet your clients' needs.

Who is Your Client?

Client A Client B
  • Needs to qualify for Medicaid now
  • Concerned with asset preservation
  • Wants to set aside enough funds to cover funeral costs
  • Not concerned with Medicaid qualification
  • Wants to transfer assets to heirs and favorite charities
  • Set aside funds to cover funeral costs
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NGL has a simple, whole life insurance product that, when combined with either of the NGL Irrevocable Trust options, offers an increasing death benefit and provides a secure financial option for protecting assets, transferring wealth and setting aside funds for end-of-life expenses. It is the protection of a trust combined with the security of life insurance that is easy to use!

There are also two trust options available for use with NGL insurance products:

  • NGL Funeral Expense Trust is beneficial for clients who want to pay for funeral expenses only and might qualify for Medicaid in the next five years.
  • NGL Estate Planning Trust is useful for clients who want to easily transfer limited amounts of wealth to their children or favorite charity.

Click here to learn more about NGL Trusts.

NGL's subsidiary, Settlers Life Insurance Company, also offers its own unique, comprehensive product line designed for the final expense market. With four plans of coverage, child life, accidental and accelerated benefit riders, and premium payment options from lifetime to single pay, Settlers Life may prove to be an alternative solution. Click here to learn more about Settlers Life.



*Please note: Individual state regulations and Medicaid requirements take precedence. NGL is required to adhere to the allowed maximums and minimums dictated by each state and therefore these limits may vary. In addition, some states have additional product or trust regulations.

The NGL Trusts are not available in Massachusetts.

If you are assigning ownership to the NGL trust and apply for public assistance, you may be required to provide a list of services and merchandise you have selected from the funeral home of your choice.

Some states may vary on Medicaid Rules and eligibility is not guaranteed; please consult an Elder Law Attorney in your state for assistance.

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